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In 2012 James and his team went on a journey to find a solution to the social ails experienced in the Ocean View community where they themselves enjoyed a pleasant and active youth lifestyle consisting of soccer, cycling, hiking, camping amongst other outdoor activities.

Present times sees our youth being exposed to gangsterism and drugs, along other social dysfunction due to the lack of infrastructure that can offer a platform or safe environment for our youth to participate without fear of being harmed.

Communities Wellness Solutions (CWS) was established with the core focus on a holistic lifestyle and instil in our youth a life bigger than drug and gangsterism, aiming to build resilience. CWS started a cycling school holiday program with borrowed bikes from the local high school. The exponential growth of the program brought about a demand for more bicycling activities and bikes.

Meet Our Volunteers

Dominique, Tyreece, Keegan and Jamie

Dedicating their time every day to assist our young riders learning not just cycling but life skills, human interaction and life skills. We salute you, you could be anywhere else in the world but you choose the kids of your community


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Morning Mastoera thank you for all your sacrifices to build this ladies cycling club and making it a success story. You could have chosen to do a corporate job but instead you chose to stand by Jimmy and believing in his dream to do big things in OV for the kids and expand in many things. When I think about it this ladies cycling is your baby and if you hadn't started it we would have still stand along the road cheering the other cyclist on CTCT coming past Ocean View, but thx to you and Jimmy we are that cyclists coming pass OV and we are cheered at.You and your family will only reap the rewards of your unselfish devotion to this club . Mr&Mrs Esterhuizen you are truly a power couple who stands out and make things happen. #Rolemodels, Thank you, Rene

- Denise Muller : Member of the Ocean View Ladies Cycle Squad

Cycling to me, means freedom. Freedom from all the negative things happening in my beautiful township.

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The coach of The Ocean View Ladies Cycle Squad, Jimmy James Esterhuizen grew up in Ocean View. Over the last few decades, gang violence and related crimes have unfortunately escalated in this area...

The Ocean View Ladies Cycle Squad

The Ocean View Ladies Cycle Squad was born last year after resident Mastoera Esterhuizen retired in April 2019. Mastoera recruited women in her area who were keen to saddle up and keep active. More than 30 women showed interest in the cycling squad, from October 2019 - March 2020....

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We Welcome Everyone

We welcom everyone who wishes to have a change in life through cycling.

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Location: Hydra Ave,
Ocean View High School Grounds
Ocean View, Cape Town, South Africa

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